Cava course in a stylish way

Are you having holiday on Costa Brava but you would escape for a while from the heat of the sun? Or you are staying in Barcelona, and it would be nice to have a break out of the crowded city? Maybe you are preparing for a Barca football match in the evening, and before that you would fancy some light day with some drinks? Well, come to Sant Sadurní d?Anoia, the capital of cava, a tiny town only 50 minutes by R4 train from Placa Catalunya, Barcelona!

We recommend this long program for those, who are beginners in the science of cava, the Spanish sparkling wine, and would like to learn a bit ? not a lot, just a bit ? in an easygoing way.

  • The program takes approximately 6 hours.
  • It costs 150 euros / person.
  • The tour includes a winery visit with tasting, a 3 course lunch with water, bread, welcome cava, wine and coffee, a tutored tasting of 6 glasses of cava and transfer from the railway station to the winery and from the winery to the restaurant (the other settings of the program are very close to each other on foot), a guide during the whole program.

The program is available for the minimum of 2 people.

A day with craft cavas

Are you a wine professional or a keen wine lover, who has already tasted a lot and have heard about the Spanish sparkling wines, but you would love to deepen your knowledge? Here we are! Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, the centre of cava production is only 50 minutes by R4, a local train from Placa Catalunya. We, the team of Capital of Cava are wine experts and since we have lived here for a while, we know a lot and we are here to transmit our knowledge to anyone who is thirsty for that. Prepare yourself: it will be a long day, but by the end of the day you will realize that cava is much more than mass producted, everyday drink.

  • The price of the program is 160 euros / person
  • It includes 2 winery visits with tastings, a 4 course lunch with mineral water, wine, bread and coffee, a turored tasting of 6 cavas, a guide for the whole day.
  • No transfer is included, the spots are to be reached on foot (one way is not longer than 20 minutes).

The program is available for the minimum of 2 people.

A day in Sant Sadurní – as you wish, tailored to your needs

The previous two programs are made according to the most frequent needs of travellers to the Capital of Cava, but it can happen that you come here for a totally different reason. We are happy to organize any kind of program for you and your company from crazy cock nights to serious team building sessions, from romantic honeymoon to a holiday with friends. We are even capable of organizing a cool family program ? don?t forget, the best chocolate factory of Catalunya, Simón Coll is situated here in Sant Sadurní.

Write to us, and we will send you a sketch of the proposed program within 1-2 days, and if you like it, we will organize it for you at reasonable prices.