Cava course in a stylish way

Cava course in a stylish way

Are you having holiday on Costa Brava but you would escape for a while from the heat of the sun? Or you are staying in Barcelona, and it would be nice to have a break out of the crowded city? Maybe you are preparing for a Barca football match in the evening, and before that you would fancy some light day with some drinks? Well, come to Sant Sadurní d?Anoia, the capital of cava, a tiny town only 50 minutes by R4 train from Placa Catalunya, Barcelona!

We recommend this long program for those, who are beginners in the science of cava, the Spanish sparkling wine, and would like to learn a bit ? not a lot, just a bit ? in an easygoing way.

  • The program takes approximately 6 hours.
  • It costs 150 euros / person.
  • The tour includes a winery visit with tasting, a 3 course lunch with water, bread, welcome cava, wine and coffee, a tutored tasting of 6 glasses of cava and transfer from the railway station to the winery and from the winery to the restaurant (the other settings of the program are very close to each other on foot), a guide during the whole program.

The program is available for the minimum of 2 people.


11.00 Winery visit at Pere Ventura

Pere Ventura is one of the most beautiful wineries in Sant Sadurní ? and it is something, because there are more than 80 wineries in the small town. When it is cold outside, at Pere Ventura guests are welcome with a glass of rosé cava in front of the fireplace. The labyrinth of the cellar is the home of about a million of bottles, and there is a secret place, where you cannot take photos, a temple of celebration full of long aged cavas and huge candles. Would you like to see it? You have to visit Pere Ventura, you will never find a photo of the hall. The cavas itself represent great quality, and a new brand, which has just been released has an attractive package: vintage cava in vintage design.


13.00 Lunch at Michelin Guide recommended Cal Blay restaurant

Slightly away from the main street of the town, in a quiet little street you will find the restaurant with the best capacity of matching food and wine. If a cava house would like to entertain its partners with a wine dinner, Cal Blay is the place to go to.

Even entering the place has a sense of locality: the sommelier starts with a welcome cava,  then the journey of great dishes made of local ingredients begins.


15.00 Tasting of 6 cavas at the cool tasting room

It?s just after lunch. The town is quiet, even the flies are resting, the wind is also taking a nap, the shops are closed of course. If you are from a northern country, you might find the custom of siesta rather strange and unusual, and you cannot get used to sleeping in the middle of the day. What to do? We?ll tell you what! Sit in a cool tasting room and taste ice chilled, elegant, zesty, wonderful cavas. The topic is again ?elegance?. We will find out if one of the most elegant grape varieties of the world, Pinot Noir makes cavas more elegant and we will check the effect of the queen of the grapes, Chardonnay on cavas. 6 stunning Spanish sparkling wine and you will surely admit that cava is as great as champagne.