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Cavatast is a cava and gastronomy tasting fair taking place on october 8th, 9th and 10th 2017. This year, the fair is going to be very special because it is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Almost fifty cava producers and other companies related to food such as restaurants, butchers, bakers and chocolate use to serve more than 42.300 cava tastings and more than 22.000 gastronomic tastings to the thousands of visitors that Cavatast receives in just three days.

Cavatast is an annual meeting point where cava-lovers walk around the fair holding their glass. They enjoy the different cavas they can try and the different dishes the gastronomic companies present. Visitors are able to try new products and, at the same time, they know about new ones, but above all, they are able to enjoy the festive atmosphere surrounding the fair. At the Cavatast fair, visitors can also buy the products they have previously tasted without the need of leaving the fair. The Cavatast shop, in his former edition, sold more than 1800 bottles of cava.

During the Cavatast fair, visitors can also take part in the different available activities such as guided tours at CIC Fassina and other cellars and cava wineries in town. This year, in fact, the ?Celler? cellar from La Fassina is becoming a neuralgic point for all kinds of activities from marriages and technical tastings to specialized workshops and other promotional activities.

Időpont: Oktober 2-4
Helyszín: Sant Sadurní d’Anoia
Rendezvény típusa: Cavakóstolás és gasztronómiai Fesztivál

Web: A fesztivál honlapja

The celebration of the phylloxera is a prelude to the September 7 at night, just after the traditional fireworks of  „fires i festes”. The protagonists are small phylloxeras, starting from the side of the firework to represent the appearance of the plague. Two parades starts with 15 small phylloxeras each, and goes running through many streets to finally meet at the town center. It is in „l?Era de la Guineu” square, located in front of  „Can Guineu”, the ancestral home of the „savis de Grácia” (wise of Greece), Marc Mir. There also involved the big phylloxera

Időpont: Szeptember 7-8
Helyszín: Sant Sadurní d’Anoia
Rendezvény típusa: Fesztivál

Web: A fesztivál honlapja