Festa de la Filoxera

Festa de la Filoxera

The celebration of the phylloxera is a prelude to the September 7 at night, just after the traditional fireworks of  “fires i festes”. The protagonists are small phylloxeras, starting from the side of the firework to represent the appearance of the plague. Two parades starts with 15 small phylloxeras each, and goes running through many streets to finally meet at the town center. It is in “l?Era de la Guineu” square, located in front of  “Can Guineu”, the ancestral home of the “savis de Grácia” (wise of Greece), Marc Mir. There also involved the big phylloxera

Időpont: Szeptember 7-8
Helyszín: Sant Sadurní d’Anoia
Rendezvény típusa: Fesztivál

Web: A fesztivál honlapja

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